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A Walk in the Park is a four player local co-op game in which players attempt to walk together on a crowded sidewalk while achieving their own interpersonal goals (staying next to their best friend, being the center of attention, etc). Keep the group together and avoid bumping into pesky pedestrians!

Use Mouse to Navigate Menu.

Requires: Two Xbox 360 Wired USB Controllers, Windows PC


  • Movement - Xbox Controller Joysticks (Left for P1 and P3, Right for P2 and P4)
  • Refresh Goal - Xbox Controller Bumper (Left for P1 and P3, Right for P2 and P4)
  • Menu Control - Xbox Controller Left Joystick (1st Controller Only)
  • Menu Select - Xbox A Button
  • Pause Game - Xbox Start Button


  • Designed and developed by Joseph Boman and Michael Effenberger
  • Art by Katherine Duffy
  • Audio design by Ian Wonil Kim
  • Special thanks to Peter Brinson, Jesse Vigil, Richard Lemarchand, and Riley Pietsch
  • A collaboration between the USC Interactive Media & Games Division and The Berklee College of Music